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Imagine harnessing the power of nature to soar miles across the open countryside, at heights of up to 30,000 feet and speeds of over 100mph in an engine-less aircraft.

What's Gliding?

Gliding is the ultimate adventure sport, a sport that requires the pilot to harness the power of nature to stay airborne.

Exhilarating, affordable and inclusive, gliding is enjoyed by people of all ages, physical abilities and backgrounds.
From flying close to the local airfield to cross country, long distance
and mountain wave flying to competitions, aerobatics and vintage
aircraft there really is something for everyone.
“Gliders, sailplanes, they are wonderful flying machines. It’s the closest you can come to being a bird.”
Neil Armstrong
First person to walk on the Moon​


The Committee

Andreas Mitropolous


Ted Messinezis


Pierre Marie Schemichon


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